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Thyroid Support Smoothie

Notes: This smoothie includes many of the best foods for thyroid health as ingredients. Use quality organic or locally grown produce if possible. Do not peel fruit (except the orange) Use organic, raw nuts and seeds- I usually soak nuts overnight (submerge in filtered water, cover and refrigerate).

  • 4 Brazil nuts-

  • 5 stems cilantro (wash-leaves only)

  • 1 pear, sliced with skin on, seeds/pit removed

  • 1 orange peeled -seeds removed

  • 2 T raw pumpkin seeds

  • ¼ c unsweetened yogurt

Instructions Rinse ingredients and put in blender-add water to desired consistency.

  • Brazil Nuts are a great source of selenium. The thyroid has the highest selenium content among your body organs, so deficiency may cause imbalances.

  • Cilantro is a powerful heavy metal detoxifier and anti inflammatory (there is research indicating heavy metals can damage the thyroid by recruiting antibodies to attack it)

  • Pears are high in fruit pectin which serves as a superb prebiotic (helping to feed the good bacteria). GI dysbiosis can affect absorption of essential nutrients such as trace minerals (such as zinc, selenium, iodine, iron)- we know trace minerals are essential for thyroid function.

  • Oranges not only contain pectin but also vitamin C and bioflavonoids which may help keep the thyroid gland at optimum function.

  • Pumpkin seeds are an important source of zinc which seems to have a symbiotic relationship with the thyroid gland—adequate zinc is required to synthesize thyroid hormone, and thyroid hormones are essential for zinc absorption.

  • Yogurt provides vitamin D for immune regulation, and vitamin D deficiency is linked to thyroid disorders. If you aren’t dairy-sensitive look for organic, grass-fed yogurt- there are many dairy free yogurts on the market but read labels- choose unsweetened, organic, cornstarch free, carrageenan free when possible

I am sure that some of you are wondering why I have not used Kelp in this recipe. Kelp does contain iodine which can be helpful for some individuals, but it is definitely not indicated for all thyroid disorders and in fact can make certain thyroid diseases worse. Kelp may also be contaminated with heavy metals so I am cautious in recommending it.

-From the desk of Anne Deni B.Sc. FdNu, Clinical Nutritionist

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